What are Crystals?

All crystals and gemstones are made within the earth, within a particular energy field and within perfectly created conditions which created that individually perfect stone at that exact moment. It is for this reason why some crystals are so rare and some are more common found.  The energy of the earth that occurred at that time to create the stone, continues to resonate within the crystal and continues to share this energy in a physical form.  

Admiring, holding and being close to crystals generates a unique experience for every individual person across many different levels.  From simply just admiring their beauty to awakening and recharging each person has the choice to embrace the experience on their own terms.   

Most often people are not aware of or understand what draws them to a certain crystal, however we believe that this is no coincidence and that the universe or earths energy connects with each person’s own inner energy and recognises what might be lacking or needed so draws the person towards what they require to support them on whatever might be delaying their journey to enlightenment. It can be an unexplainable, internal feeling based purely on instinct or just simply because they like the way a certain crystal or stone looks, feels because of the colour or the shape. For other people, this can be a very experience as they are enlightened and aware of the healing power and energy the crystal can offer.  

Not everyone seeks to or wants to understand this experience and that’s ok too. Crystals aren’t for everyone.  Often people are drawn towards crystals and holistic healing practices due to already having more traditional means of healthcare and healing and having found them to be unhelpful or unsuccessful.  

Regardless of how you enter our space and first experience Trinity Crystals, we hope that people will be open to join us based on their feelings and intuition and when they are ready, to allow us to guide them on their journey towards self-empowerment and self-truth.  

Reanda's Crystal Grid's

As well as being the most beautiful and unique works of art, Reanda’s crystal grids, mandala’s and crystalline codes combine the healing and powerful energy of multiple gems, stones and other earths bounties to amplify and ignite the special forces within and beyond their physical form.  Created with unconditional love and healing these very special pieces will awaken and activate your soul.  

Robyn's Story

For those of you who already know our founder Robyn Holland, you will likely have already experienced her infectious enthusiasm for life and may already be aware of her passion for everything to do with Crystals! 


As a little girl, Robyn was drawn to the power and energy of crystals and gems when she used to play with her grandmother’s crystals & gemstones which she had collected from her travels all over the world.  Robyn shares with us that she “Would sit there for hours admiring and studying their individual characteristics and beauty. No one gem was the same as another, but all were beautiful in their own creation and in their own right”.  Robyn has carried this sentiment with her through life and shares that this is also her personal philosophy about people – “We are all beautiful and unique in our own special way” and this is why it is her life’s mission to help people understand and embrace their own unique beauty, and to ‘Illuminate the Way’ for others. 


As a child, Robyn didn’t truly understand the magic she felt from the crystals but knew that “The feel and colours brought a sense of comfort & peace for me and I have always felt a connection & relationship with the crystals themselves”.  She started collecting crystals in her teenage years and dreamed of having her own Crystal Shop. She even registering a business name for her future dream crystal shop when she was just 12 years of age.  “I just knew I had to collect them, that I was drawn to them and it wasn’t until I was an adult that I really ever felt the need to understand this connection. As a child I just accepted it was what I needed.  Crystals became a constant source of safety & comfort.”  


Once Robyn studied Reiki she realised that the energies she felt from the Crystals all those years ago had meaning and she learnt how to interpret them, and how to use them in daily life to support herself and others through life’s lessons, challenges, pain and trauma.  


Robyn’s vision for the House of Trinity is to be able to create a sacred, safe space where she can share her love of crystals and hold open a safe space where others can come to learn how to become the master of their journey towards enlightenment.  Further to this is that House of Trinity has provided the opportunity for us to create a collective community (Robyn’s Tribe) of likeminded, enlightened, empowered, compassionate and authentic practitioners and healers “ because we are stronger together than we are individually”.  

Robyn's healing

Spiritual Guidance and Healing

– Reiki Master
– Chakra balancing
– Energy Readings
– Crystal healing

Love Anandi - Crystal Jewellery

House of Trinity are very grateful to be able to stock the exquisite and elevated hand-made soul jewellery and ritual products from the revered Sydney-based Love Anandi brand.  Anandi hand-makes each piece with only the finest gemstones available around Moon phases, with love and intention based on astrology, numerology and you can feel just how much love and healing energy into each and every exclusive piece.  Through her jewellery and candles, Anandi’s intention is to promote a deep connection to Sacred Mother Earth, oneself and to the energy of the Goddess.